Wine review UFO edition


Part of the coolest short story contest by WineTourismSpain

Oh, the joys of being human! It's our last transmission from here, and I sure have something share worthy! As you know, we've been staying in a space called Malaga in Spain on Earth. I've talked about the blue spaces we see from home being oceans. Simply made of salty water, but providing such happiness for humans, especially when it's warm.

Warmth is that feeling I talked about previously, feels like a hug from your loved ones and is provided year-round here. What I've failed to mention is, warmth helps some grape varieties turn into liquid gold. Don't stare at me in disbelief from a whole 'nother universe, but hear me out.

Besides moving their limbs to get to where they need to (walking they call it), moving their bodies for the sake of doing so (exercise they call it), using electronic devices to remember (photos they call it), they use glasses or cups or mugs or bottles or shoes (whatever floats your boat, right) to drink this magical liquid-wine they call it. It's red or white or sometimes even pink.

If you'll only remember one thing about humanity from these transmissions, remember this. How entire generations in this sunny country have dedicated their lives to these grapes that make celestial wine. How people from across the world travel thousands of miles to taste it. Magic that brings people who know, together.

They know the first sip of a fine wine, referring to earlier transmissions here, is like smelling a blooming plant, or how sunscreen on the first day at the beach for this year reminds you of bonfires and crushes and numberless collected shells, listening to a song that seems to have been inside your head, someone that knows your soul and reasons, no questions asked and no explanations needed, those rays of sunshine through the trees...

Wine is the liquid equivalent of love, fellow extraterrestrials. Sharing a sip with someone is consciously choosing to let down your guards, ego, preconceived ideas of how things should be or how others should perceive you and other limitations humans have that I've previously mentioned, by trusting and being your truest most authentic self.

Enough magic for the day? Hope these transmissions have helped even just a bit in knowing people more and I know what you're going to ask. Don't worry, I've already packed plenty.


How to not get hangovers


Are you going to binge watch Mad Men and are considering keeping up with the cast's drinking game? Do you want to go out and drink three bottles of wine and not worry about tomorrow's headache? Feeling tired of your hangovers causing you to 'lose' valuable morning time because you.just.cant? Feeling ready to change that? Good for you.

I've been drinking for a few years now and I can't remember the last time I had a hangover (if I ever). I'm not exactly sure how this happens- I'm just happy it does. What do I do?

I tend to go for one type of drink for the night. My favorite is red wine. However most clubs don't offer wine and some bars have shitty ones- even my favorite bar *sigh*. At said bar I always get Gin&Lemon, Gin being my second drink of choice. I like to take my liquor straight so maybe that helps.

When I was younger sometimes I would skip eating a meal just so I could get drunk easier. Since then my liquor taking skills have improved (heh) and I know that's a silly thing, usually, ends up with me unable to drink as much as I want/eating out so I can drink more/ throwing up. Berhh. Now I do the opposite, try my best to eat something before I go out.

If I'm drinking at home, I prefer munching on something while drinking. Yes, I do enjoy the uninterrupted taste of wine and wine only, but I also quite enjoy food, so quite a win/win either way. Actually, I remember a happy day at home spent just dancing, drinking rosé and eating pasta. I wouldn't have been able to enjoy all the amount of rosé that I enjoyed if it wasn't for that pasta (Thank you pasta).

I don't think I sip on water when I'm drinking alcohol, but I drink a lot of it throughout the day and I make sure I drink some more before going to bed. This is a given for me because I love love water. Cuz I'm cool just like that.

Also, it might help enjoying your drinks during extended periods of time. Obviously, having the same amount to drink in one hour isn't the same as having an entire lovely afternoon off to have the same amount. Plus, I just find more enjoyable. Yeah yeah I know a lot of people don't have time for that, however, lots of other people find/make time for that. You're gonna have to pay attention to the hangover the other day anyway, so pick wisely. More time to drink or more time to "lose" the other day being grumpy and angry and whatnot?

Moving might be a part of the cure as well. A lot of times I walk home, preferably not alone, or I go dancing somewhere. Movement kinda pushes the alcohol out of your body and makes you set for the next day.

I may have missed the most important thing, which might've not crossed my mind as a contributing factor. Hope I haven't though and that no one has a hangover ever again.