Falling in Love Every Day

“Don’t take it personally.” Maybe someone hexed me, but last time I took something personally (from people I don’t know that well) was 12 years ago. Whoever hexed me, thank you. Or is it you, FBI man, who allowed me to see clearly by what you chose to show me and what you didn’t? Do […]

Heartfelt Conversations

Throughout my life, I’ve been blessed with amazing conversations. It’s sort of a constant happening that I’m no longer surprised by, always humbled from. Good experiences, bad experiences, neutral ones. It was all talked thoroughly with my closest people who always had the most heartfelt, valuable insights to share. This day, I had another great […]


In Bourdain’s first ever written piece, I came across this gem: “It’s been done, but I don’t think it’s been redone.” I’m taking the liberty to focus on the sharing part rather than the writing part today. Doing the redoing by resharing this:   Hope you’re there mentally. Thanks for reading. Love, D

Sunday – People Who Make It All Worth It

It does feel kinda surreal going to bed after watching the sunrise. Birds singing, empty streets, clear skies. A feeling of warmth, abundance, light. Beginnings are important, but so are endings. Knowing this is how the end starts (dramatic music playing) I rest assured Monday and next week will also start on the right foot. […]

Birthday of a Blessing

I’ll keep it short and sweet. Today is a blessed day. Last night, at 00:00 PM the fireworks started blasting off and shook my world. They were rocking the entire neighborhood with how strong they were, or maybe I just wasn’t expecting them to go off that’s why they caught me so off guard. Like […]


I’m about to cook some gnocchi and pass out on the couch by 9PM, but I’ve committed to this writing every day no matter what thing, so I’ll try. I’ve noticed that when I meditate first thing in the morning, and get my writing done early, I can have such a peaceful rest of the […]

Free Flow

Feelings of inadequacy and restlessness. I’m now able to sit in silence, a half-smile on my face, acknowledging my emotions and fully be in the moment. Not hope it would be better or less or anything else than exactly what it is. Searching inside for that thing that doesn’t really come naturally, the thing you […]