Redemption, Ruins, and 75

Drake’s Redemption was on Views, but for some reason, I only listened to it for the first time a few days ago, on a random playlist, but now I’m obsessed. My grandma turned 75 today. ♪ Oh please give me time, cuz I’m searching ♪  She doesn’t like flowers or Raffaello-s. She likes seeing me […]


I rushed to the balcony, the closest place to the sky and said out loud “God fucking bless”. First of all, I’m not even religious. You know what they say, No one laughs at God when their airplane starts to uncontrollably shake. I see God in beauty, in the faces of the people I love, […]

La Vie en Rose

I recently got back from Kosova, where people speak the same language, have the same traditions, national holidays, songs, food as we do, but we’re geographically separated. Only by law though, we’re still secretly together. So close, so far. I went to meet my best friend, who I feel such a deep, intense connection with. I […]

Some days it feels unnatural to write only three things you’re grateful for

Some days, it feels unnatural to write only three things you’re grateful for in your journal, so you write down way more. Other days, you get in a fight with your friend, your partner’s being insensitive, you eat chips before lunch then you fall asleep and don’t have a proper lunch or dinner, you lose the finished draft […]

What I’m grateful for

Read this first. The odds of my coffee spilling on my laptop are 50 to 50. Even though it’s impossible that it just falls,  it might as well. Yesterday we decluttered the house, I mean, we haven’t thrown the stuff out yet but I was thinking yesterday that when we (I) will finally, it will feel like […]