Panic Attacks

Guess who’s back, back again… I haven’t written in here for more than a month* now, but I have been writing. I’ve been working on some exciting projects, I’ve made new friends, reconnected with old ones, read many books (or as many as having a corneal ulcer for a while allowed… more on that later), had […]

The Halo Effect

When we’re kids, we learn that what’s beautiful is good and what’s ugly is bad. Cinderella, Prince Charming, Beauty and the Beast teach us that physical appearance and being kind/compassionate/smart go hand in hand.

ONE thing YOU can do to help people with psychological issues

Look, I’m not perfect- and according to Jay Z, nobody walking this earth’s surface is. Some thoughts on mental health, stigma, slurs.

Helping others, being good and other things you wonder about when stuck in traffic

Prosocial behavior stands for everything we do for others without expecting anything in return, like helping our neighbors with groceries or helping someone cross the street. As with almost everything, though, people have different opinions on why this happens. All children are born with empathetic “powers” that allow them to bond emotionally with others¹. Also, […]

Why the placebo effect is the coolest thing ever

1994. Lanza and some other cool people published an article about this new drug that would help cure ulcer, in this fancy AF medicine journal. People were like, gimme. Besides people given the actual drug, 44 patients got placebo that looked like the real thing. Same diagnosis, tested after 2 and 4 weeks, they were […]

Bombings and choosing life

There was a bomb alarm at our school today. I had to google ‘ bomb alarm’ because I wasn’t sure that’s the right way to put it. There are four first guesses, I notice only one of them is about building, and the three others are actually how-to-s for defusing bombs. That’s a happy observation. […]