I’m Delfina. I write about mental health, feminism, self-love, human rights, meditation, bopo- among others. I believe in “i love myself. the quietest. simplest. most powerful. revolution. ever.” I believe mental health is the new black- I want to live in a world where everyone is kind and true to themselves and others (yeah, seriously). I want to live in a world where people are making the choice to BE there, wherever they are. Here’s what I know for sure: every little helps. Every little thing within you is working together in effortless harmony for you to be reading this right here right now- isn’t that fascinating? So thank you! Enjoy.

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"A user interface should be so simple that a beginner in an emergency can understand it within ten seconds." - Ted Nelson

As a white male who's learning to be a better person, I've found this aphorism to be helpful:

"Before you try to prove someone wrong, try to see why they are right."

Instead of arguing with marginalized people, assume they're right FIRST. Then proceed.

Inspired by Alexandra Franzen, Live Awake and Tesco.

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  1. What a Beautiful And inspuiting site!
    Thank you
    Joost from rotterdam
    I got the link through insitetimer

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