The Halo Effect

When we’re kids, we learn that what’s beautiful is good and what’s ugly is bad. Cinderella, Prince Charming, Beauty and the Beast teach us that physical appearance and being kind/compassionate/smart go hand in hand.

The only thing more powerful than a self confident woman

A long time ago, in far far away land, there was a princess. The princess tried to distance herself from other princesses. She did so because society brought girls down, thus she equated being a woman with being unworthy or not-as-worthy as the male counterpart. She quickly learned that things and activities that were deemed girly […]

ONE thing YOU can do to help people with psychological issues

Look, I’m not perfect- and according to Jay Z, nobody walking this earth’s surface is. Some thoughts on mental health, stigma, slurs.

Coffee Shop Thoughts 3: Animals and Heartbreak

tw: animal abuse, animal cruelty On my way here, a little girl begging on the street grabbed my hand and wouldn’t let go. With her tiny hand in mine, I went with my usual phrase when people in the street ask me for things, “I’m sorry, but I can’t”. Being the actual child that she […]

Fuck weightloss

There I am. Bikini waxing*, knowing what Beyonce was on about when she said pretty hurts. What hurts more are society’s expectations about women’s body hair, to the point where women in razor commercials are already completely hairless, but I digress. In an attempt to ease my pain, the esthetician tries to distract me with small talk and […]

Coffee Thoughts Shop 2: Things to Stop Doing

Going to cute cafés to get work done + My thoughts = Coffee Thoughts Shop.  Join me on this journey to caffeine poisoning and success (hopefully not both).  talking shit about kids’ appearance, even if they are our most hated politician’s children not texting back the people we love being rude to waiters  flirting with […]

The advice you never asked for (but a lot of other people did)

I was searching online on how to bring to life this fancy feature I thought of, I didn’t really know how to Google it though. I typed ‘article how to’ and the most searched questions turned up (turn up yoo) so I thought I’d answer. No one asked me, but I won’t let that stop […]

Some days it feels unnatural to write only three things you’re grateful for

Some days, it feels unnatural to write only three things you’re grateful for in your journal, so you write down way more. Other days, you get in a fight with your friend, your partner’s being insensitive, you eat chips before lunch then you fall asleep and don’t have a proper lunch or dinner, you lose the finished draft […]

coffee thoughts shop: one

Going to cute cafés to get work done + My thoughts = Coffee Thoughts Shop. Join me on the road to caffeine poisoning and success (hopefully not both). I wonder if the waiters refer to me as the girl who takes more than an hour to drink ONE espresso Every time I look over at the […]

Wine review UFO edition

Part of the coolest short story contest by WineTourismSpain Oh, the joys of being human! It’s our last transmission from here, and I sure have something share worthy! As you know, we’ve been staying in a space called Malaga in Spain on Earth. I’ve talked about the blue spaces we see from home being oceans. […]