Helping others, being good and other things you wonder about when stuck in traffic

Prosocial behavior stands for everything we do for others without expecting anything in return, like helping our neighbors with groceries or helping someone cross the street. As with almost everything, though, people have different opinions on why this happens. All children are born with empathetic “powers” that allow them to bond emotionally with others¹. Also, […]

What do you truly want?

This post originally appeared at Life in 10 Minutes. I want to be able to travel whenever I want to wherever I want to. Be able to connect with people across the world and I’m working toward that by creating my website and writing what I want to share with the world. I believe humans […]

Why the placebo effect is the coolest thing ever

1994. Lanza and some other cool people published an article about this new drug that would help cure ulcer, in this fancy AF medicine journal. People were like, gimme. Besides people given the actual drug, 44 patients got placebo that looked like the real thing. Same diagnosis, tested after 2 and 4 weeks, they were […]

The only acceptable form of catcalling

In this place where I got blueberry tea, the waiter is making eating noises, Enrique Inglesias is playing, a police officer just got a macchiato to go. I couldn’t call a cab so I just kept walking till I came across one. No cab. Guys. Some of them talked to me, some turned a few […]

Take a lesson

Here’s a lesson I learned, or should I say relearned for the 55th time.Oh I can say what I want, I’m an adult. I had to write. I had to clean the house. I had to unpack. I had to delete so many emails. I had to… you get the idea. Do stuff. The thing […]

How to not get hangovers

Are you going to binge watch Mad Men and are considering keeping up with the cast’s drinking game? Do you want to go out and drink three bottles of wine and not worry about tomorrow’s headache? Feeling tired of your hangovers causing you to ‘lose’ valuable morning time because you.just.cant? Feeling ready to change that? […]

Until the morning

I love mornings. I love them. I talked about new chances yesterday, I think mornings represent that so well. I actually had the day off today, my boyfriend’s call woke me up then he stopped by the house to give me a goodmorning kiss. I could just stop right here really… But today some other great thing(s) […]