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The odds of my coffee spilling on my laptop are 50 to 50. Even though it’s impossible that it just falls,  it might as well. Yesterday we decluttered the house, I mean, we haven’t thrown the stuff out yet but I was thinking yesterday that when we (I) will finally, it will feel like wow that was it. Great! We had pizza last night, the glasses of wine there are so lil, yet so full I thought I felt tipsy by the end of it… I worked out when I got home and that was an awesome decision- I was thinking how you (I) never really regret a workout. The sweat releases dopamine and what not. It’s 8 AM and someone is fireworks-ing.

I feel grateful (23):

  1. that I got to celebrate my boyfriend’s mother birthday
  2. that my best friend noticed I was angry when there had been no visible signs whatsoever for her to find out
  3. for my cat: that he’s finally started “chilling” at his little house/cat tent which happens to be in my room

Yesterday I felt grateful:

  1. for the chance to workout, with my mom!
  2. for the farmers’ market, sometimes I overthink going or not, but I never regret doing it… a little bit like workouts that way
  3. for how comfortable/myself I feel in “fancy” clothes

Today *drumroll* I feel grateful:

  1. for the clinic: I love the doctor, his character, that he smokes a pipe* (*Albert Einstein did and said:  I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs), the secretary: she’s so sweet & seems so fair and smart, the books there
  2. for coffee… for real…
  3. for hot showers in the winter


I am grateful this day for:

  1. flowers and the phone I wanted coming from my man
  2. my dad getting “angry” at me for eating (what was left of) the brownies I made and not leaving him any (more), a.k.a he loved them *yay*
  3. discovering effortlessness secret #55: wear a dark chambray on top of anything and look great. Just like that!

Yesterday I was grateful for:

  1. alcohol, or to be more precise, the way alcohol brings people together (actually, I didn’t get to experience this because my grandpa went to sleep and I drank rakija alone -watching Despicable Me and eating baked potatoes, oh yeah, but I’m grateful for when I do get to drink with others)
  2. how supportive my mom is regarding my workouts: every time she sees my working out she says such nice things, it’s so motivating!
  3. Brussel sprouts, I tried them for the first time with mushrooms&avocado, they’re like little tiny (and every other synonym for small) cabbages *awww*

Yesterday I was grateful:

  1. for my country! (‘s Liberation Day)
  2. for Friends’ episodes, they put me in such a good mood… (Except Phoebe though… Phoebe sucks!)
  3. that I got to spend the entire day (and the day after that!) with my love
  4. for how good I looked in those velvety leggings
  5. for how happy my boyfriend gets when he dances
  6. that my boyfriend mentioned really liking my photography skills!

This day I feel grateful. I feel grateful for so many things, but here go three:

  1. that my brother’s flight went alright (everything that rhymes is a bonus I know)
  2. that my best friend had a great time yesterday
  3. for choices, the fact that we make lots of them means we get a lot of chances to make the right ones

I am grateful for:

my father’s flight going alright (all the (f)lights)
official December: Christmas’ spirit, the red colors, the decorations, the lights, the city, the people!
Dr. Rajagopal Raghunathan’s Coursera course on happiness, seriously!
Grateful for:
my sex life atm… If you’ve ever heard “the secret to sex is love”, you’ve heard some wise, true (corny, but truuue) words, my imaginary friends
photos, how pretty they turn out in my new phone and how wonderfully they capture moments… I think I’d imagine photos as proof of magic if I were a kid (like kids need proof for that…)
the weather here… So damn sunny omg

Today, here I am, sitting on my couch writing these:
after my workout! I’m grateful for Fitness Blender, Kelli & Daniel are so great and it’s actually always a pleasure working out “with” them
I’m grateful that one of my best friends has been vegetarian for some weeks now, I feel so proud and happy for her🙂
I’m grateful for how easy it’s become for me to turn any morning in a good morning (sometimes with just coffee..shhh)
Also, my best friend, my beautiful inside out mother who I can’t wait to hang out with, my truly talented driven partner that makes me crazy about him *heart eyes here*, my cat even though he pays no attention to me whatsoever, my bro and dad and may the force (what?) what? what..?  be with those oh soo great guys in Israel

Holding a letter

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November 18, 2015


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