There was a bomb alarm at our school today. I had to google ‘ bomb alarm’ because I wasn’t sure that’s the right way to put it. There are four first guesses, I notice only one of them is about building, and the three others are actually how-to-s for defusing bombs. That’s a happy observation. I was sitting in the back row and it took a while to get to the door and during the entire way there (some seconds but time is oh so relative) I kept imagining the bomb exploding. I couldn’t stop visualizing. I noticed my body obeying my orders to get ready, I felt it becoming stiff, compact, set as if preparing your body for a bomb explosion makes any sense at all. I thought of the noise it would make as it exploded, I imagined us -the students- dying, somehow being alive as well, but not quite: it was just that we hadn’t really “had the real bomb yet”, but the explosion was gonna “come upon us” any moment now. I kept rushing to the door. At school, we’d talked quite a few times about cultural background and how important it is when examining a patient’s situation or dream… What that means right now is this; (legend says) our minister of defense received a message from isis- right after Paris’ bombings -that said: you’re next. Some other time I’d probably have thought it was a desperate student very desperate (or just very brave, depends on how you look at it) to not do a presentation exam or what have you, but *as Depeche Mode would put it* not tonight. There’s this movie; someone -the Giver- guarded the memory of everyone since the beginning of time in an emotion-less ruleful worldwide community, in which memories were not open to the public except to the receiver, Jonas. The memories are transmitted by hand and the first memories are sled rides, snow, music, dancing, love; the latter, of terror and wars and hunger. Going against the rules which made the citizens experience neither pain nor happiness, he decides the bad part is worth it to enjoy life with the music and the dancing and the~love~ and gives this richness to the entire world, despite the (many) difficulties encountered. I’d do the same. I would take bombings and terrors, wars, accidents, life-taking diseases, deaths, for the sun, for love, for feelings of joy for no reason,or for huge reasons, for the sea, for climbing to the top of a mountain, for sunsets, for sunrises, to continue feeling what I feel for my loved ones, for flowers, for my cat, for videos of babies trying lemons for the first time… In a heartbeat.

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