Bad writing is written defensively; good writing is a way of making the self as vulnerable as possible. – Toby Litt

I mostly love art for making us realize others have felt our feelings and thought our thoughts, and the illusion of separation is just that: an illusion. We’re not alone. We’re surrounded by people, a lot of who make the thought of being away from humanity look extra sweet and desirable. We’re bombarded with information, most of it makes us want to stick a fork in our eyeballs and hope we die from bleeding. I never feel as powerless as I do when I watch the news. 

There are good and bad people like there’s information that makes you feel good and information that makes you feel baaaaaaaaaaad, like there’s good art and bad art.

Oscar Wilde said bad art is worse than no art and I don’t agree with him. Maybe he’s twisting and turning in his grave, thinking: I meant you. You represent all that is bad in the art world. I’ll be damned if I let a dead white man who thought laziness was a virtue tell me shit about life or art, though.

Now, what analogy was I trying to make?

Ah yes. That the good people and the good information (I just mean writing and some extremely powerful, beautiful stories told via design/video I’ve come across lately, ah, and cool studies, but only when their findings match my opinions and worldview, otherwise… good luck Charlie) make it ALL worth it. That art lets us know we’re not alone, even when those people and that content isn’t around to help us smile, breathe, stay afloat. That the illusion of separateness is fueled by people refusing to be vulnerable, almost ruining all art and all people and all things for us. Almost, fuckers.

Consider not getting defensive next time. Yes, I know I just called you a fucker, I meant it lovingly, but that’s besides the point, who caressss? We definitely think others pay way more attention to us (and our negative aspects) than they do. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Consider letting it all show and flow and go. Wow Drake should’ve hired me for his verses. Is it Drake who said I’m just saying you could do better?

I think you could. We all could make the world a nicer, more livable, even (who’d have thought!) a truly enjoyable place. Try vulnerability next time. Maybe it’s not your thing and you are actually born to be bitter all your life (nah), but please give it a try. A half-assed try. Something.

Plenty of mistakes? It’s fiiiine. People thinking your vulnerability is a sign of weakness? It’s fiiiiiine. Most people respect vulnerability and people saying what they want/need upfront, but some are too scared living behind walls to appreciate others who are comfortable enough to speak their mind. That’s not your problem. It’s fineeee! Getting to really know yourself is a long, tiring, painful process, but oh so worth it.

I’m just saying, you could* do better

You can*.

I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it

I sure hope you road work ahead? i sure hope it does vines hold my life together did i not mention do.

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