Thank you so much for thinking of me for your cool project. How do I know it’s a cool project? Well, mind-reading is just one of the many skills I gained by studying psychology. I’d love to tell you about it and hear all about your project, but I’m fully booked until January 2022 and can’t realistically take on another project without approaching burnout like that comet with a death wish back in 2016 that willingly hurtled toward the sun at a 1.3 million mph speed. Can comets do things unwillingly? Does free will exist? If time is an illusion, why do deadlines feel so real?

These are some of the things I’ll ponder on. In the meantime, you can express your interest in working together by sending me an email at with the subject Count me in and telling me a little bit about your project, timeline, and goals (optional, but preferred: a random fun fact about space).

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I’m Delfina. I’m named after dolphins and the first woman to swim through the English Channel. The Inner Dolphin is an exploration of Delfina’s inner depths, thoughts, jokes, failures, successes. I get paid to write stories and I’d love to tell yours.

And I swear I’ll never refer to myself in third person ever again.

With limited WordPress knowledge, and an unlimited desire to share my writing and what I’d learned during my Psychology degree with the world, I started The Inner Dolphin in 2015.

A little bird told me you were looking for a writer

As a writer and content strategist with 3+ years of experience, I’ve dipped my feet in a variety of projects for a number of industries: tech, health, food, media. Below are some of the topics/projects I’ve worked on.

Want a copy of my resume, work samples, or employer references? Just say so!

Writing is still as wildly fascinating and important to me as it was to my first-grade self. It’s still the most out-of-this-world thing, but now I love it openly, actively.

After I completed my BA in Psychology, I went to Sri Lanka to volunteer as a mental health aide. During my time there, I realized, filled with fear but mostly joy, that I wanted to give writing a serious try. 

Our lifelong romance is now a healthy, happy, committed relationship. 

When I came back home, I started devoting my time to finding freelance writing work.

I got $15 for my first gig, and I was ecstatic!

 “I read 5-6 of your articles just now.  You sound like a really cool person.

Derek Sivers

“If a company won’t hire you after reading this, you don’t want ’em anyway.

Feedback on a Slack channel I’m part of about my I Answered Common Job Interview Questions 100% Honestly! Risky Talks on Salaries, Motivation, and Why I *Actually* Want to Work for You article

Thank you. I took a lot of notes from this as I’m year 3 post-grad sitting on my hands rocking in my thoughts of endless quotes, notes and dreams. But that’s all they have been dreams in my head so after this I feel charged up to take action and create content to share more of what I’m thinking on different platforms. Coming across this story and the piece on how to monetize writing, I WILL create my own blog, I will learn by doing since peers keep asking me to help build their brands and I get scared and procrastinate. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Comment on A Trip Back in Time, Stats, Action Bias: How to Find the Perfect Job for You – Part 3

“It’s almost 3am, I have a fucking massive headache, an exam at 11am, my anxiety is through the roof and here I am reading all your articles from the first one. And it’s doing wonders for my anxiety.”  

Some work for the National Alliance of Mental Illness
Some good news!

Things that matter to me




Things that matter to you

If you are looking for a value-driven strategist with who you can be 99% honest throughout the whole process, that’s me 🙆‍♀️ I’m all for growth & abundance.

What exactly do I get paid for as a writer? Can’t companies, small business owners, or freelancers just put together some words and achieve the same results? Why pay a professional writer?

While a lot of people, freelancers, business owners, organizations, or startups have stories worthy of sharing, storytelling remains an art, a stubborn one at that.

The stories we tell ourselves become our internal monologue, our inner voice, our personality. The stories we tell others become our legacy.

I get paid to get the angles right, to offer a unique perspective, essentially, to find the story and write it as truthfully and beautifully as possible.

 I increase reactions/attention/sales

If you hate anything sales-y, that makes two of us! Well, I hate aggressive sells, bad sells, inappropriate practices, shady products, sales pitches promising more than they can deliver, and sketchy advertising practices.

But selling doesn’t have to be sketchy,  annoying, or “sales-y.”

  • Whenever we meet new people, we “sell” ourselves by showing our best sides, funniest jokes, most impressive stories.
  • We “sell” ourselves in job interviews, carefully choosing the right set of words to showcase our skills, motivation, and experiences. 

Freelancers, new businesses, and well-established companies used to doing things the old fashioned way have a hard time selling. In the meantime, it’s all about clearly stating what makes you you.

Your job shouldn’t be pleasing everyone or attracting every possible customer. Being the right person for every romantic prospect isn’t what should be on your mind. Professionally, romantically, humanely, you should be you, as distinctly as possible. That’s how you attract your “tribe.” The right friends, partner, customers will then gravitate towards you.

I save you time while making you money

People and companies don’t hire me for “weird marketing-ish gimmicks.” They hire me because I’ve poured my heart and soul into becoming better at my work.

“50% of purchases are not completed due to poor copy.

“Copy” refers to written text that tries to evoke a reaction. Have you heard of the 10,000 hour rule?

The 10,000-hour rule states that you can become world-class in a field, once you’ve practiced it for 10000+ hours.

I’ve written about the 10,000-hour rule and about how similar writing is to love, in the sense that it’s not an act, but a habit, not a feeling, but a verb, and how it’s all about consistency. We honor our craft by mastering it, by giving it our all.

More and more people are trying to dedicate their time to what they do best, to their craft, and getting their 10000 hours (or more) in. For some people, their life’s work, their main skill is product design, for some management, for some programming, for some fashion, for some art, and for all, losing 50% of clients is bad for business.  

What’s it like?

Bad copy is someone who shows up to a first date late, messy hair, and a lousy outfit. The conversation is painfully boring and there’s no spark in their eyes.

Good writing shows up early, looking good, smelling good, leaves you feeling good. There’s a rhythm to your conversation, and you don’t have to doubt their interest or intentions for a second. It’s clear the two of you will have a good time. Too soon to tell whether it’ll be a short time or a long time, but you’re secretly wishing it’s the latter.

A lot of freelancers and companies offer exceptional services, yet they might have a hard time getting people to pay attention or see their service’s value.

Once I’m clear about the value, whether we’re talking online invoicing companies, a small independent florist in South West England, artists, mental health fundraising events, Albanian travel,  digital agencies, e-learning platforms, job descriptions, templates, emails, guides, websites, articles, recently public procurements even, and almost everything in between, I help bring on that spark, more of that flash and fire.

To inspire, motivate, teach

People working in the online world identify with different titles: influencer, teacher, blogger, educator, content creator. I’ve seen community managers, happiness engineers, joy coaches.

While I’ve been highly enjoying re-purposing my long-form articles into Instagram carousels and the conversations they’ve sparked, I still don’t identify as any of those titles.

I’m a writer.

It makes my day when people tell me they loved something I wrote, that it taught them something new, that it made them tear up.

When clients tell me they love my work, that makes me feel amazing. When people subscribe to my newsletter, or when I receive that “Your stats are booming! The Inner Dolphin is getting lots of traffic.” notification, I feel happy and grateful. Let’s not even get to the part where people I love or other writers tell me they love my writing.

As a writer, besides telling a story, sparking interest, and generating sales, I get paid to inspiremotivateteachto make people feel excited.

One of the first few things I wrote for that e-learning platform I mentioned? An informative mini-guide on public speaking and conquering glossophobia. Yeah, there’s a word for it.

The main goal was to make people who were scared to present feel less alone while giving them examples of people who’d successfully gotten over their fear and went on to become amazing orators. Then I’d provide clear, actionable steps to prepare memorable presentations.

Inspire, motivate, teach, right?

A well-known online publication published the article a few days later, stolen word for word, and presented it as theirs. They took “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” a little too far, but that’s beside the point.

A beautiful combination of words can inspire, teach, motivate, make people laugh and cry and feel, steal even. Respectfully, I think that’s worth paying for.

The right story can affect lives, change lives, save lives

It might sound like a huge responsibility (it is,) but being able to affect others with my words and get paid for it is an honor I do not take lightly.


I’ve worked with clients as a consultant, strategist, content writer, and done it all as far as words go: ad copywriting, social media captions, scriptwriting, email templates, content strategies, landing pages, web page content, UX copy, business presentations, blog posts, guides, sales pages, funnels, EPK, product descriptions, and kickass About Us pages.

Professional Writing Services hourly rates: $35

Content Strategy Services hourly rates: $60

I also love taking on more custom-made strategy projects where I can put to good use my Brand Storytelling, Digital Strategy, Strategic Health Communications, Content Marketing, and SEO skills.

How do I know if we’re a fit?

If you’ve read this far, I strongly believe we might be.

Go ahead and read this, and you’re welcome to schedule a free 30-min Writing Interest Chat below:

Pssst, too perfect? Here are some possible flaws, shortcomings, and questions about it.

  • I don’t have lots of experience. I’m patient with myself and my learning, but if you’re looking for someone with 10+ years of experience, check back in 7 years, please.
  • If you prefer doing things the safe way, we might not be a good fit. I wouldn’t consider myself a “conventional” content writer or copywriter, even though I love the craft so much I’ve done it all.
  • If you’re looking for a copyeditor to fix up your grammar and sentence structure, I’m not the right person.
  • Intellectual virtues matter to me, and so do ethics and having a joyful career. If you disagree with either of these ideas, we might not be a good fit.
  • “Why are your rates so cheap, Delfina?”/ “How come you’re so expensive?” I believe I’ve landed on a fair, average price based on industry standard.
  • I’m not open to ghostwriting blogging services or paid affiliate programs.