Hello world, what are you wishing for this new week?

*insert example 1,2, and 3 for what someone would wish for here*

I’ve been in a state of bliss. All I’m wishing for right now is that I could put it all out there without feeling the need to spill my heart out. I want to write a few words, insert a joke here and there, a reference or two about new studies, or studies that have already been referenced hundreds of times. And, wrap it all up with: what it all means. What my point was. The feeling that I wanted to convey.

The only things that help are time and practice. If I have time, what’s been on my mind, heart, conversations, newsletters and on my BPS Digest push notifications, all come together beautifully in a post. If I practice, it all comes together in my head.

So, tonight I hope for easiness. To say it all, mean it all, and not be so intertwined with these fucking words that I have to die and be born again with each sentence for me to feel something about it.

I am not these words and stories, they are not me. It is not that deep. I should write like I speak, say what I feel, speak what I know. I should be fine, so should my writing.

Tonight, I hope that tomorrow I remember.

I can write, make it good, without breaking my own heart. That every sentence doesn’t have to be intertwined with so much happiness or so much heartbreak. That it just has to BE.

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