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This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too. It was Derek Sivers’ idea, basically: Think of what you’d tell a friend you hadn’t seen in a year.

If you’re wondering “Don’t Twitter and Instagram updates do that?” Here’s Sivers’ answer: “No. If I wonder how someone is doing these days, it doesn’t help me to see that they went on vacation last week, are upset about something in the news, or even got a new job. That’s not the big picture.”

Here’s my attempt at explaining what I’m doing now. 

I last wrote one of these in February 2020. A lot has changed since then, most notably a global pandemic and me quitting my full-time job.

– I quit my full-time job in December 2020, on a Friday. I had a plan A, B, and C. Also, I’d be able to return after three months if I wanted to. On Sunday, I was assigned a great article for a topic I’d love to research and write about. Plus, it was long-form (2000+) words and exactly what I’d been wanting to write. This is what the kids call a sign.

– I’ve always considered myself a spiritual person. My gut feelings have gotten louder and clearer as I’ve started paying more attention to them. Still meditating, for 621 consecutive days as of today. I’ve even written about real-world miraclesThe Sequin Pillow and Fighting for No ReasonHumanity’s Best Kept Secret. I’ve been finding so much beauty and signs and calmness and abundance everywhere.

– One of the best things about being a writer is that anything bad that happens to you has a silver lining. You can write about it! But I’ve also been miraculously been able to also turn the feelings of calm and beauty into articles. I decided to write an article every week on February 23, 2020. A year later, I shared We Did It, Joe! Reflections and Tips After Writing New Weekly Articles for a Year. I did it. I’ve been writing every Sunday and I’ve been blessed with a community that… actually loves what I write and looks forward to it? ASDFGHJKL!!! Unbelievable. I’m so thankful for my readers and so thankful for my creativity for showing up every day, every week. 

– Currently, I’m working with a few clients at the same time: Writing, Brand Storytelling, Digital Strategy, Strategic Health Communications, Content Marketing, Email Marketing Strategy & Copywriting, SEO. If you’d like to know more about my freelance and consulting services, you can book a free 30-minute call here

Earlier this year, I got infected with COVID-19. Typing “19” reminds me of the fact that this virus was first detected two whole years ago. A lot has been said about the pandemic and what it did to us. Like many, I’m very conflicted about what the future will look like, whether we’ll remember this, how it’ll affect our relationships and workplaces. My heart breaks for everyone who lost loved ones because of this pandemic.

According to a report published late last year in The Lancet, using data from 9 million people, 62354 of whom had a COVID-19 diagnosis, researchers found that 18% of Coronavirus patients developed mental health issues (anxiety, depression, etc.) within three months of diagnosis.

I hope we get to the other side stronger and more self-indulgent.

– I’m reading Science Fictions: How Fraud, Bias, Negligence, and Hype Undermine the Search for Truth by Stuart Ritchie. 

– Newsletters I’m loving at the time: Behavioral ScientistStratechery, Growth Models, Storythings, The British Psychology Society Research Digest.

– We’re watching Suits. I’m fucking loving it. 

– I’m an aunt! Baby A is a blessing. My heart grew two sizes the first time I saw her. She’s talking now, saying my name, wishing me a happy birthday, showing me her toys and her dresses. It’s a feeling unlike any other.

– I’m on LinkedIn now. No, my website wasn’t hacked. I finally decided to get on LinkedIn and just get over what stopped me so far: the absurdly high amount of marketing Gary Vee bros and faux deep stories on there. 

TBH, I’ve also always found it a bit weird and creepy that someone could just Google my name and find out where I work and where I’m at 8 hours a day. Like, no thank you. 

Now that I work remotely, and after hearing clients and friends talk about awesome collaborations and projects they got from LinkedIn, the FOMO kicked in so here we are. Add me. I got a few connection requests from people I don’t know and I still haven’t made up my mind what I want my LinkedIn space to be like, aka whether I’ll add people I don’t know to my network. But definitely add me if you know me or we’ve worked together and definitely think about it and check out my cool ~authentic~ profile that I’m low key proud of.

– I’m in love. In the lovest love that ever loved. I’m in awe of what we’ve built and I wake up extremely thankful every day and excited to be here, in this space in time, with this person. As I figured when I was a kid, when you find the right person, you know. You feel it in every inch of your body. 

In All About Love, bell hooks writes:

“Understanding knowledge as an essential element of love is vital because we are daily bombarded with messages that tell us love is about mystery, about that which cannot be known. We see movies in which people are represented as being in love who never talk with one another, who fall into bed without ever discussing their bodies, their sexual needs, their likes and dislikes.”

Love isn’t about that which cannot be known. It’s about the opposite, being each other’s most intimate listeners. Love is… all about love. Love loves to love love. I found him.

Here’s what I’ve been listening to, books I’m reading and movies/shows I’m watching.

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Updated May 21st, 2021.