Delfina Hoxha

I’m Delfina Hoxha. My name means dolphin (among other things). I live in Tirana, Albania and I write.

A monthly publication and a website you’re meant to explore as if you’re diving into it.

Somewhere between your favorite blog and your local newspaper, The Inner Dolphin is dedicated to using stories and words mindfully, trying to eradicate the feeling that there’s no one else that feels the way you do.

The Inner Dolphin covers Albanian culture, building a mindful career, psychology research, the concept of time, the creative process, and ways to improve a little bit every day.

There’s a new article on the first Sunday of every month.

A lot of people like starting from the first article and working their way up, reading the blog like a book.

I also have a podcast

The Inner Dolphin articles, read aloud by me.

Editing is kept to a bare minimum so you get a very raw version.

The first 5 episodes of The Inner Dolphin Podcast are live on my YouTube channel and on all streaming platforms.


I’m a Senior Content Designer at 10up.

I don’t really talk about content design here, however, more than 60 of the articles I’ve written are about work. I have a lot of thoughts on how we can build joyful, successful careers that align with our values.

If you’re new, start here:

the inner dolphin logo

This is The Inner Dolphin logo. My graphic designer friends have offered to make a new one, but I like how the dolphin seems to be smiling and the color contrast. I like the delicate dolphin outline and that it’s a circle logo. My first tattoo was a circle outline; I got it for free too. I like that the logo is something I made in Canva years ago, back when I was aware of analysis paralysis and understood that thinking about the logo and things like that too much would make me lose focus from the only that mattered: the writing itself.

Whether you look at picking a niche, content strategy, SEO, or the logo, you’ll find that this site is filled with gaps and imperfections. But things work. The site is accessible. There are no notifications, popups or other stimuli vying for your attention. It’s just you and the words… and the inner dolphin.