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Overheard Out-of-Context Sayings From Everyday Life: Thursday Recap

overheard Tirana piazza bar

Out of context, overheard Tirana, misheard sayings, or lyrics that I liked enough to write down in my notebook these past few days:

  • A private butt is nice too
  • My hips have missed your hips
  • Can we keep up with the moon?
  • “I personally got hit today by a jet ski” – real Trip Advisor review
  • Refuse, grey and black
  • Infinity edge
  • “Everything I needed to know about marketing I learned from Dungeons and Dragons”
  • “Cat videos make up 99% of all online video content”
  • 38 months ago
  • “Don’t overdo it though or you’ll just look obnoxious”
  • One benefit. One message. A single focus
  • Peak/plateau
  • Unicorn vomit
  • “Positivity is great, but reality is even better. Write about problems too.”
  • A grain of fleur de sel
  • Intermingle
  • Unobstructed sea view in all rooms
  • Killers and Poets

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