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Being a Nice Guy & People Who Think “Women Should”

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The nerve, the audacity

I’m a firm believer in stating your intentions early on. Being clear about what you expect from your romantic relationships, friendships, and the workplace is key in making sure those expectations are met.

Coming across (literally) Andy Leek’s art when I was in Amsterdam, I quickly became obsessed. I’m a sucker for one-liners that speak the truth.

Yellow poster

No one does.

Games that involve someone else’s feelings and thoughts are dangerous, especially if it’s non-consensual, and the other person doesn’t know the game’s on. They haven’t agreed or chosen to partake. 

That’s why I hate these games. Anything that’s not clearly stated eventually gets on my nerves.

If you’re confused, say so.

If you’re sure of something, make sure your truth is heard.

“Speak the truth… even if your voice shakes.”

Be vocal.

Spoken or not, it’s a given that some things are off-limits. People don’t have to state the obvious because the other person is oblivious. I’ve said this once (and when I say once) I mean 1000 times, and I’ll say it again.

Women dont owe you shit

Women don’t owe you shit, not their time or their explanations. Women don’t have to teach you right from wrong. They don’t have to convince you of anything.

I’m all for being vocal about what you want and expect. I’m NOT all for women having to explain basic human decency to every other guy they meet.

Don’t waste our time. You’re not our children, we don’t have to raise you. We don’t have to anything you. 

In a world of incels and men killing women who tell them no, and sometimes taking tens of other innocent lives in the process as well, be an actual nice guy. A nice person. Don’t harm the women in your life with lousy questions. Don’t stunt their growth because you refuse to grow. Do better.

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