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The Only Appropriate Form of Cat Calling

Kitten whom the first time poses in studio catcalling

Inside this coffee shop at 4 am, I’m drinking blueberry tea, the waiter is making eating noises, Enrique Inglesias is playing, and a police officer just got a macchiato to go.

Midnight mischiefs

Since I couldn’t call a cab, I just kept walking till I came across one. Ugh, no, not a cab. Guys. Some of them talked to me, some turned, a few cars stopped. However, just like Nemo, I kept…walking.

There’s something about midnight walks.

  • They’re therapeutical almost.
  • It’s just you and your thoughts, and only slightly creepy guys on a good day.
  • Saved money by not getting a cab.
  • Moved my body.
  • Had a clearer view of what had happened earlier.
  • Also, walking at night after you’ve had a drink or two is a good idea, the alcohol starts slowly, but surely, getting out. Not recommended if you’ve had so many drinks you can’t see straight.

Different cultures

I’m home after volunteering in a mental health placement in an Asian country for a month.

I learned so much, I grew so much, I paid no attention to my comfort zone and what I would usually do, I felt part of a completely different culture to the one I’m used to, I loved it.

Oh, and also, during the entire duration of the placement, where we had to walk and drive around a lot, I only was catcalled once.





However, the first time I went out since I got back, I was catcalled within the first two minutes of leaving the house. Every woman has developed a thick skin when it comes to BS like this, but the difference was shocking to me.

Shia LaBeouf says “Just do it“, well, just don’t. You achieve nothing, it has no point and you’re actively sexualizing women. They’re not asking you what you think about their ass, they don’t care.

catcall appropriate illustration
The only acceptable

I wish to live in a world where girls everywhere can go out late at night and return home safe, not repelled by humanity. Each and single one of us deserves blueberry tea in a cute café, rendezvous at the bar around 2.

Guys, don’t catcall, don’t hit on women whose heads are so far in the “don’t talk to me” angle they could be seeing behind. Don’t make girls uncomfortable just because you can. Bash similar actions when you notice them in other guys. Make life easier for women and yourself. She just wants the T(ea).

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