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Coffee Thoughts Shop 1: Espresso, Good News, Kids

coffee thoughts one

Going to cute cafés to get work done + My thoughts = Coffee Thoughts Shop. Nope, not coffee shop thoughts.  Join me on the road to caffeine poisoning and success (hopefully not both).

  • I wonder if the waiters refer to me as the girl who takes more than an hour to drink ONE espresso.
  • Every time I look over at the restroom, it’s busy.
  • A little girl is learning how to walk and her mother is in awe.
  • Someone tried to put peanut shells in the trash, they fell on the ground, she blamed the bin and left them there. #rude
  • Someone came near to ask me about something.
  • Turns out he was being recompensed 15000$ for the land that was wrongfully taken from him years ago instead of 1500$. I was the one who delivered the news.
  • If you yell at kids, you need to chill the fuck out.
  • A girl’s been hugging her mother for two minutes straight.
  • The new chairs here are so art deco though.
  • Thought I’d get news today, but I will on the 26th. #WishMeLuck
  • I guessed the WiFi password right, on the first try.
  • There are two bathrooms here, a person at a time in each and people will wait outside their assigned gender bathroom when the other one is free.
  • If you remove the women/men stickers, there’s literally no fucking difference. #FreeTheBladder
  • Only having two tabs open feels like I’m missing something.
  • Unless you’re a baby that has little to no control to what you pay attention to, don’t stare at other people.
  • People with GoFundMe pages are really, courageous, for lack of a better word.
  • Someone here is wearing this perfume that reminds me of so many good things ahh.
  • Replaced by just-popped popcorn smell
  • Replaced by freshly brewed (the coffee shops’ attempt at) black coffee smell
  • You can say a lot of things about Albania/Albanians, but you can’t deny: 1. fucking breathtaking nature 2. the girls… Oh, the girls!

Thanks for reading (a piece of my mind).

2 thoughts on “Coffee Thoughts Shop 1: Espresso, Good News, Kids”

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