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Condescending People- Do This Instead

People in silhouette -Examples of condescending people- why do they do it

For a while now, I’ve been “blaming” insecurities and an unclear sense of self as the root causes of the majority of problematic behaviors. Condescension is no exception.



having or showing an attitude of patronizing superiority

Examples of condescending people- why do they do it?

Why would someone talk to you like your age is a single-digit number? Granted, some people objectively know more than you about certain subjects. However, I’ve noticed that those who do are usually humble and simple-minded people, willing to share their knowledge and experience without being cocky, patronizing, or trying to seem superior.

Condescending people are clueless.

They’re insecure about who they are, what they do, and the way they live their life. For some unknown reason, this grants them the right to weigh in on every and anything, since they’re so knowledgeable… not.

On Friday, I hung out with a condescending, arrogant, conceited, overbearing, pompous person.

I don’t think they even knew how visible their glass walls are, how breakable.

You don’t have to get close to see the facade disguising itself as interest, sweetness, intelligence, is just that: a facade.

Why not show genuine interest in others’ lives?

Focusing on appearing a certain way leaves you with no time or energy to be present.
You can’t ever fully appreciate the person in front of you.
If you’re always trying to think of the next witty thing to say to appear as if you’re The Conversation Almighty, you’re losing.

You can only impress those that are easily deceived and want to be impressed, oppressed, repressed.

There’s no real winning in a fictitious game.

If someone pays attention, it’s clear to see how you’re trying to bring others down, just so you can lift yourself up. That throne you’re desperately trying to sit on is delicate, unstable, and fragile.

Start a game you’d enjoy winning. Free yourself from those chains. Fuck that uncomfortable throne.

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