• Why Buddhism is True: The Science and Philosophy of Enlightenment – Robert Wright
  • Difficult Women – Roxane Gay

I love professor Wright and felt particularly proud of myself for being a meditator while reading. Felt a little too emotionally stable for Difficult Women, I found the writing pretentious and myself looking forward to the book ending. The last piece, Strange Gods, was my favorite. Also, I found a typo, it’s been two weeks and I still haven’t stopped laughing.

text of typo

I also did some extensive research on ibogaine. I didn’t have to write on the topic or anything, but I stumbled upon it and found it sooo interesting, that I kept reading until my eyes fell out.


Wrote about the inevitable stress associated with the holiday season. Wrote about heartbreak and uncommon things meditation helped me with. Was invited to become a helper on InstaWell. Was featured in One-Bread December’s newsletter with Four Thing You Can Do To Help. Usually, I get jobs that match my skills via email and then apply, so it’s me reaching out to them, but I received two invitations to send proposals this month, so they were reaching out to me and that was cool.


Reached the 300 consecutive days and 500 sessions milestones on my favorite meditation app and they followed me on Instagram lol. Made it work with a loved one, and I’m so happy we did. I had gold, shiny, glittery nails all month. Threw a house party. Michael Kors banned fur. Played tennis and went swimming and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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