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Don’t Chase the Sunset, Choose It

sunset in rradhime don't chase the sunset

It is important to challenge your ways and choose the option that will challenge and grow you the most, every time.

Well, almost every time.

My conversations lately

We need to know our limits.

Many of my conversations lately have revolved around humans trying their best to push themselves, their boundaries, and their willpower beyond a reasonable point.

A lot of “tradition is peer pressure from the dead.”

Blaming the past, our ancestors, and tradition is the easy thing to do. However, no matter how old school and out of touch with our nowadays reality, tradition often has a point.

  • If centuries of work concluded that we shouldn’t work on the weekend, maybe we should listen to tradition.
  • If centuries of relationships have told us which red flags we should avoid in relationships, maybe we should listen to this (hard-earned) wisdom and not choose people who are bad for us.

There are many more lessons we can choose to listen to when we hear them from our parents or older siblings or bosses or mentors. Stubbornness can only go so far.

Don’t chase the sunset

Today, writing from the beach, close to freaking out because I’ve said I’ll write every Sunday and it’s 7 PM, I just chose to relax.

I chose not to push my boundaries like I often preach to do. Not to chase the sunset, but to choose it. Like that little bird in the picture above is doing.

I’m choosing tradition’s wisdom, I’m choosing the advice my hard-working parents would give me.

If they’re mutually exclusive, I know it’s more important to choose myself rather than choose growth.

‘Bout to enjoy my coffee, the mountains in front of me, and this beautiful sunset. There will never be another like it again.

I’m choosing to be here for it.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Chase the Sunset, Choose It”

  1. Yep. Weird! I just had this conversation with family members. And I even used the “sunset” analogy. Cool topic! I liked it the first time I read it. Lol

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