Sometimes, I think my dad is allergic to self-care.

A team of 12 doctors can tell him (and have) that he needs to rest, and he still can’t get himself to just relax, rest, replenish. Band-aid solutions till the next time he burns out, hypnotized by that feeling of accomplishment and the adrenaline rush of more.

Always more.

Years ago, I saw a photo of a neon sign, the outline of a heart shape, inscribed the words Never Enough. Never Enough. It stuck me with me.

It’s up for interpretation, but I never considered it as not being enough or not feeling enough. Instead, that hazy, joyous, delightful hunger for life.

Never enough. Using music and writing and art in all its forms, to emphasize whatever feeling I’m feeling. Productive, sad, in love, restless, frustrated, too much… Whatever it is.

Pushing it to the limit only means making room for overcoming those limitations, creating new rules, making better mistakes.

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