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Reflections on Freelance Writing and Small Victories

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This Saturday, I had an extremely chill day (as you might’ve noticed if you’ve been following along in my stories.)

Taking my time, reflecting on time

No morning alarm and I took my time enjoying my fudgy peanut butter oatmeal breakfast, writing in my journal, and taking an hour to drink one cup of black coffee, then getting to work.⁣

This Saturday brought me back to my bittersweet freelance writing days, where time and energy were ample, but opportunities weren’t.

Victories, big and small

⁣Yesterday, I received a few compliments at work about this business article I’d written.⁣

Yesterday, a dear friend of mine told me she thought to herself “What would Delfina write about this?” in various situations. That made my day.⁣

A few days ago, referring to a question I asked in a Slack channel I’m part of about last week’s article where I answered common job interview questions 𝟏𝟎𝟎% honestly (I asked “Will this piece ruin my career and chances of getting hired in the future?”), a stranger said, “If a company won’t hire you after reading this, you don’t want em anyway”.⁣

I would like to go back in time and tell my 2017 self how it would all work out and pay off, if I just kept at it.⁣

But hey, I guess I didn’t need to do that.

⁣”Stop focusing on the wrong things. Start focusing on improving yourself a little bit, every day.”

Anthony Moore

Your small daily victories aren’t small forever.⁣

⁣I also wanted to thank you all for your support, we hit a record number of visitors in July and I’m glad you’re enjoying The Inner Dolphin.

⁣If you want to read more of my articles, check out the archive.

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