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How to Not Get a Hangover, Even If You’re Binge-Watching Mad Men

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  • Are you going to binge-watch Mad Men and are considering keeping up with the cast’s drinking game?
  • Do you want to go out and drink 3 bottles of wine and not worry about tomorrow’s headache?
  • Tired of hangovers causing you to waste morning hours because you “can’t even”?
  • Feeling ready to change that?

I think I can help. I’ve been drinking for a few years now and I can’t remember the last time I had a hangover or if I ever did. I’m not exactly sure why, but I’m happy about it, so I’m sharing my knowledge.

Don’t drink 3 bottles of wine though. Come on now.

Hacking hangovers


I tend to go for one type of drink the whole night. Red wine is my favorite. However, most clubs don’t offer wine, and if they do, it’s bad, even at my favorite bar smh. There I always get gin lemon, gin being my second drink of choice.

No chasers

I like to take my liquor straight, maybe that helps. Fizzy drinks usually make things worse: health, teeth, acne, hangovers.

Bon Appétit

When I was younger, sometimes I would skip a meal so I could get drunk faster. This would usually end up in 3 ways, all bad:

  • me being unable to drink as much as I wanted
  • eating out (junk food, we know how helpful that is with hangovers)
  • throwing up.

Since then, first of all, my drinking skills have improved, second of all, I’ve learned that’s dangerous and stupid.

Now I do the opposite, try my absolute best to eat before I go out. If I’m drinking at home, I prefer munching on something while drinking. Yes, I do enjoy the uninterrupted taste of wine and wine only, but I also quite enjoy food, so quite a win/win either way.

Actually, I remember a happy day at home, spent just dancing, drinking rosé, and eating pasta. I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy all the rosé that I did if it wasn’t for pasta. Thank you pasta.


I don’t think I sip a lot of water when I’m drinking, but I do drink a lot of it throughout the day and always some more before going to bed, especially after drinking booze. To me, it’s a given because I love water, but just making it easily accessible could boost your water intake.

Time after time

Obviously, having the same amount to drink in one hour isn’t the same as having an entire lovely afternoon off to enjoy the same amount. It helps to savor your drinks over extended periods. Plus, isn’t it more enjoyable?

Yes, a lot of people don’t have time for that, but lots of others find or make the time. You will have to pay attention to the next day’s hangover, so choose wisely. More time to drink or more time to “lose” the next day by being grumpy, irritated, and whatnot?

Move your body, dance everybody, make it hot in this party

Bob Sinclair had a point. Moving is part of the cure as well. Most times, after I drink, I either walk home (preferably not by myself) or go dancing. Movement kinda pushes the alcohol out of your body, leaving you ready for the next day.

This is what constitutes my drinking-full, hangover-free nights. I might have left out important things, simply because I don’t even think of them as contributing factors. Hope not, and hope no one suffers from a hangover ever again. Now let’s rewatch Mad Men!

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