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Never Fails to Put a Smile on My Face

Never Fails to Put a Smile on My Face meditation

The sentences below are from a guided meditation some time ago. I loved them so much I wrote them down. The meditation teacher (I can’t remember who it was for the life of me, but I’ll link them when I do) used simple words, but I felt so deeply affected by them and their power of me. 

They inspired me to do better, do more, to trust the process and myself.

I’ve found them by accident on my notebook or purposefully looked for them and read them through different stages of my life. They never fail to bring me joy and a smile to my face, hope they do the same to you.

The more you give attention to what you don’t want, the more you get what you don’t want.

The Universe has at its disposal powers that we can’t begin to understand.

The Universe has no schedule.

No prayer, no desire goes undone.

What you want, will come to you.

Sometimes you beat the postcard home from vacation, but it always arrives. This is what manifestation is all about.

What you want is speeding towards you.

Our Universe is truly magical. How blessed you feel to be part of something so magical.

Gratitude fills your being for all the lessons you’ve learned.

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