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I Got Featured, Talked to Laura Belgray, and Threw a Solo Dance Party

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I don’t know about you, but when I hear about PR, I vomit in my mouth a little.

That is… until I met my PR hero, Adela of Startups & Co., who my copywriting hero Laura Belgray of Talking Shrimp recommended.

Adela climbs mountains & teaches founders how to go from hidden to Hot Shit™️.

She’ll be highlighting founders on her page this December. Earlier this week, I got featured! I wanted to share three insights/lessons from that day.

1. Do it for you. 

“Have you ever stopped to think about your dream media opportunities?

The kind that make you so proud… you want to put the article in a fancy gold frame and hang it in your home office next to your artwork.

Then, out of nowhere, your parents call you and say, “Up until now, I had no idea what you did…but now I see you’ve made it!”

When they’re out to dinner with their friends, they brag over a glass of red wine, “My daughter just had a BIG story in XYZ publication!”

Selena Soo, communication/media expert about her feature on Forbes

I found Startups & Co. and Adela through Laura Belgray, and I found Laura through Marie Forleo.

While it’s not Forbes & these names might not mean anything to a lot of people (though, you must have been living under a rock if you missed Marie, if we’re being honest), they mean a lot to me.

The conversations this feature ensued on social media with Adela & Laura are one of my favorite aspects of being a freelance writer. All the conversations, all the interconnectedness, all the joy! 

2. Your fear of showing up is dumb.

I wanted to reflect on how far I’ve come. Back when I started this blog in 2015, I didn’t even mention it to my close friends and family. Even when I started here every day as an experiment, I would rarely discuss it with people I knew, let alone to strangers in the dark depths of social media.

Maybe it’s a coming of age, or me saying “Fuck you!” to the fear of what others will say, or perhaps because a few companies and people have paid me to write for them, but I’m now confident enough to mention my writing and blog all the time! Confident enough to apply to be featured as a founder in a Laura Belgray-approved PR strategist page!

Did people make fun of me? Did I die?

  1. Someone mentioned how much they liked my non grata policy. I said I want to write for and work with PSD people-positive, smart, and decent. I’m not settling for anything else.
  2. Adela mentioned how lovely it was to read my post about the feature, and Adela, “I’m so busy churning out content that I honestly forget to step back so reading this has made me happy this afternoon. Thank you.”
  3. Laura & I exchanged messages about interconnectedness & how beautiful the online world can be if you pay attention to it. 

See? Your fear of showing up is dumb.

3. Throw a solo dance party

Meditative alone time is super important, but so is joyful alone time!

While I love journaling and spending time alone in deep thought, I believe every single one of us should throw a house party once in a while where it’s just us. So, after that feature, work, and a Fitness Blender workout, I blasted some music and danced around to Young M.A. as I drank white wine from the bottle. 

There must be a few scientific articles explaining the importance of dancing/doing romantic stuff by yourself, but to me, this is the most significant aspect- it’s so much fun!

“But, Delfina, I’m a terrible dancer.” No one is watching, plus as long as you’re fully allowing your body to express itself to the rhythm, you’re a great dancer in my book.

Pour yourself a drink and dance your heart out. 

Fun is underrated.

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