I’m only human, after alllll! Look, one day I will have amazing time management skills, and write these in the early hours of the day, preferably watching the sunrise, with a cup of coffee nearby (I’d say a cup of coffee on my hand, but it would be sort of hard to write with one on my hand all the time. It’s doable for sure, but a challenge. Plus, what hand would I be using to hold the mug? Would saying a cup of coffee on my hand imply I had to burn my hand as I held it, unable to put it down because I’d already envisioned this ideal self with impeccable time management skills and she had a cup of coffee in her hand and it was too late now anyway? Definitely doable, but I’m just saying.) After just having completed a kickass meditation session too. I know what you’re thinking, all those books she’s read, all those words she’s written, kickass was the best she could do to describe a good meditation session?

You know what they say at Facebook HQ: Done is better than perfect.

Continuing the things no fucking one can ever take from you theme..

I touched a bit here on how music has been affecting me lately, making every moment more magical in strange, intimate ways. And this time no cognitive laziness either, magical was just the word I was looking for.

Here are some of my recently favorited songs on my Deezer

  • Make the song so sweet 

You gon’ come home with me, oh

  • Pitch black frames, you can see me when I wear my lenses
    And all they say is how I’m fake and I don’t get offended

  • I’ve never wanted wealth untold, my life has one design

A simple little band of gold, to prove that you are mine

Very fond of this, found in a Mad Men playlist during an important, lovely period

  • And do you still think love is a Laserquest, or do you take it all more seriously

And do you look into the mirror to remind yourself you’re there/ or have somebody’s good-night kisses got that covered

  • Quiere que lo hagamos en diferentes partes, pero estoy cansada de desilusiones
    No quiero saber de un rompecorazones

I love this song so much I’ve listened to it at least 2 times, a day every day for the past 2 weeks, I love OUUUUU too (didn’t feel like googling how many U-s it actually has, pardon). I want to close with a question tho. I understand that everyone has different preferences and everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, especially regarding what we consider attractive. I’m not saying Young M.A isn’t attractive (or that he is), but all of you who have been saying he has most sex appeal than all these rappers/dudes, ARE YOU OKAY?

UPDATE 2 SECONDS LATER: YOUNG M.A IS A WOMAN?!?!?!? I feel bad for assuming. A GAY woman too, who wrote and directed a short film for Pornhub? New York’s youngest, most charismatic rapper? What a plot twist!

Update 2: I kinda see it now. Definitely just being a woman makes you 100x more attractive (to me at least). I’ll check the IG again.

Final update: Hot the way Michael Phelps was hot, ONLY when he was in the pool and had just won a race (he had 0 sex appeal don’t get me wrong)- when she raps, she’s hot AF, otherwise… As for the sex appeal thing, yeah, it’s a yes from me.

I also really like this song and this song, But I’ll always take my time with youuuuuuuuuuuuuuhuhuhu. May God take the time with me and forgive me for assuming Young M.A’s gender, not noticing all that BDE couldn’t be coming from a man, STILL (and probably forever) thinking BDE  is the most reliable metric ever, and for all those times I didn’t speak up for my cause against people who feel morally superior to others because of the songs they listen to. Thanks!


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