cindy del valle - sunset photo

It does feel kinda surreal going to bed after watching the sunrise. Birds singing, empty streets, clear skies. A feeling of warmth, abundance, light. Beginnings are important, but so are endings. Knowing this is how the end starts (dramatic music playing) I rest assured Monday and next week will also start on the right foot. Appreciate the people in the life that put a smile on your face, that inspire and excite you. I also had some quality time with my mum and felt extremely grateful for her and the way she is, the space she occupies in this world and in my own personal little world, the personality traits I’ve stolen from her (mwahaha), and all the love she has to give and deserves to get.

I laughed my ass off talking to my best friends, felt their unconditional love and support as always.

A little girl was walking down the street with her family and I told her “your hair is beautiful” and it made her extremely happy.

I told someone else on the street “bless you” when they sneezed, the woman smiled and said all the cute typical Albanian things to her friend about me.

I had a constructive conversation with an old lady in the street, and even though we didn’t agree on what we were talking about, we both left the conversation with a smile on our face.

Damn, I’ve talked to a lot of strangers I need to tone it down lol.

I wish people wouldn’t disappoint so often, or do “bad” things, or hurt and lie to others, but I still can’t say I hate people. I love people. Always will. I just hope to meet more and more people that make me love people (and the interactions with them) more, not less.

Fortunately, so far, so good!

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