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The Dimension of Time in High School and 7 Lessons Over the Weekend

la vie en rose the weekend time in high school weekend

In Kosova, people speak the same language, have the same traditions and national holidays and songs and food we do, but geographically, we’re not the same. Only by law, though, we’re still secretly together. So close, so far. I just got back.

La vie en rose impersonated

I went to visit my best friend who I feel deeply, intensely connected to. We met at uni, and we both knew the moment we saw each other, that the other was a cool person we had to be friends with.  We didn’t exchange many words, but vibes don’t lie. Nor hips, Shakira, Shakira.

We hung out by this cool place that gave off 90s vibes: the posters, the tiles, the fonts, the food styling/serving, the bathroom sign “Don’t take your time in there.”

My friend ended her shift early, and just seeing her filled me with love and joy and smiles and bliss. La vie en rose impersonated.

We got home, put on some good music, and as I waited for her to finish her bath, I thought about how excited I was to tell her everything. We can’t talk much when we’re apart, so a lot had happened that she needed to know about. With her, though, it feels like she already knows in a way.

She’s me, and I am her, and there’s nothing else besides feeling fully heard and loved and understood. 

We had wine from a box and talked and talked and talked. The next morning she made Turkish coffee, which I don’t usually prefer, but damn that one was good. We walked from the suburbs, where her place is, to the city’s center.

The suburbs have that vibe, I don’t get that often, if ever, where I live. Again, we talked, and talked, and talked, and it was just one of those days.

Another dimension of time

It felt like we were in high school, hanging around for hours, not worried about work or when projects are due, or anything really. It seemed like we had plenty of time then and full ownership of how we spent it- and that’s what it like felt this day.

You’re too young to enjoy yourself in middle school, too busy when you’re in college, and life after that is, well, just merciless, whereas high school hits that sweet spot.

Yes, even though high school itself represents all that’s evil in the world.

I spilled espresso on someone’s jeans, hugged my friend a hundred times, never complained about the cold, cherished the fact sandwiches there always come with the yummiest fries and sauces. We went somewhere where they played old, gold music, lots of musicians’ photos on the walls. I watched a thriller, meditated, tried to sleep, failed.

Later that night, we went to my friend’s workplace. Every Saturday, musicians play in the underground bar, which is filled with beautiful, well-dressed people enjoying their dinners and drinks. My friend’s boss and colleagues were so gracious and caring to us both.

I felt extremely proud of seeing her making it all work effortlessly. 

I drank wine, smiled, and was in awe of the number of people that were actually singing along when the vocalists told them to. The way it should be! 

Another friend joined us as we went to a club opening, clouds in the ceiling, disco balls, tequila shots, mirrors. We danced and danced, then drove to a high point (mountain?) and admired the city lights and laughed a lot and sing-screamed along to all the songs on the drive home, we actually drove around the block again and again.

I fell asleep as our other friend stroked my hair. We hung out the next day, talked about life and spirituality and growth and Hunter Tompson, had almost three coffees in two hours, ate some delicious food, was mesmerized by her little sister’s hyperactivity and enjoyed Paolo Nutini and overall amazing music on the way, as the mountains in front of us, now covered by snow, saluted us.


  1. Cherish the people in your life that feel like sunshine
  2. Spontaneous decisions that feel right, make more of those
  3. Singing along feels good and no one but you cares what you sound like lalalalalalaaa
  4. Tequila makes you feel good
  5. Say what you really mean or stay quiet. No matter how awkward it gets or how hard you try, those are the only 2 options for you. Make peace with that.
  6. Even if you think there’s nothing special about being happy alone, there is. You should feel proud about it.
  7. Bring a book along

Enjoy your weekend, I know I enjoyed this one 🙂 🌹

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4 thoughts on “The Dimension of Time in High School and 7 Lessons Over the Weekend”

  1. Living abroad away from my high school friends gave me a bittersweet feeling while reading this. The kind of bittersweet that warms you from the inside, the kind that you didn’t know you needed to feel. Thank you for giving me a smile and a tear tonight, Delfina!

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