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Why Trump Sucks: Coffee Thoughts Shop 4

why trump sucks orange with hair

~admittedly, a modest headline~

Going to cute cafés to get work done + My thoughts = Coffee Thoughts Shop. Nope, not coffee shop thoughts.  Join me on the road to caffeine poisoning and success (hopefully not both).

Coffee Thoughts Shop One Two Three

A loved one was telling me about a dream they had, it involving Trump. My immediate response was asking if they punched him (no, I do not condone violence, but ykwim). Are you familiar with the phrase “spill the tea”? Well, I was drinking tea and spilled it when they said they actually like Trump more than Obama, that they like Trump, period. Deep, deep down, I knew, but hearing it said so bluntly was spill material, alright. I told them I’ve read and heard so many horrible things about Trump that I was no longer able to explain the reason he sucks in a few sentences.

Turns out I lied, because here I am sharing ten reasons why he sucks. I’ll stick to what comes to mind as I would in a tête-à-tête conversation, also because if I were to include every horrible and hateful thing he’s done, we’d here a while.

Accused by several women of sexual assault

Seeing how false rape accusations only account for 2% of overall accusations, I have reason to believe AT LEAST one of them wasn’t lying.

Trump sided with violence and hate

He didn’t condemn Charlottesville protests, where “protesters” shouted things like “Jews will not replace us,” a Nazi drove into the crowd with his car, a woman was killed and hundreds injured. All he said was that “there are sides to each story, and some of the protesters were very fine people.” He sided with violence, racism, antisemitism, and hate.

Cruel leader

He didn’t help Puerto Rico, while the people there were suffering and dying, he tweeted passive-aggressive things and lied (see update). He othered Puerto Ricans, even though Puerto Rico is part of the US! You have enough funds to start a nuclear war and build a wall, but not help those in need? 

When he finally went to Puerto Rico, he was disrespectful as he threw paper towels at them and laughed.

UPDATE: He lied saying that Puerto Rico got $91 billion in hurricane aid.

He made fun of disabilities

He made fun of a disabled reporter who asked him a question, on national television. What does it say about the state of the world that this behavior is considered okay? It’s beyond me how someone that is expected to be the leader of “the most powerful country on earth” and a role model to millions of citizens can be such an awful human.

Trump looks down on women

His view on women is clear: they’re lesser than. And we’re only referring to what’s documented, like tapes and tweets. Wouldn’t imagine what his locker room talk sounds like… Oh, wait. He has commented on various women’s looks, and what he would do to them, you know, grab them by the pussy, how he would date his daughter if she wasn’t his. Hmm, what else?!

If he’s not sexualizing it, he finds anatomy disgusting

In a 2011 trial about a failed Florida real estate project, where Trump was being questioned, he called a woman who asked for a breastfeeding break, disgusting. How is the most natural thing ever disgusting? Is it because breasts are disgusting if they’re not being sexualized?

Trump is nasty with a capital N

He once asked how could we expect Hillary to satisfy America if she couldn’t satisfy her husband. Never in a million years would we expect (or justify) similar behavior from Obama.

If you’re critical of him, you’re fake news

He called The New York Times, NBC News, ABC, CBS, CNN fake news. Yes, all of them. What are the chances of that, realistically speaking?


He doesn’t believe in climate change, or know the difference between HPV and HIV, and is overall anti-science. 

Not long after Trump’s inauguration, moments later, nearly all references of climate change disappeared from the White House website.

 “Trump has an appalling ignorance of the current world, of history, of previous American engagement, of what former Presidents thought and did.” 

Geoffrey Kemp, who worked at the Pentagon during the Ford Administration and Reagan Administration, told The New Yorker.

He justifies sexual assault (and think women and men can’t hang out?!)

He once said, “26,000 unreported sexual assaults in the military- only 238 convictions. What did these geniuses expect when they put men & women together?“.

You can find all of these, and more, online. Easily. Please do. Stop supporting people that stand against everything we believe in.

12 thoughts on “Why Trump Sucks: Coffee Thoughts Shop 4”

  1. I mean to say all of this in the most respectful way possible. Please do not be offended as I respect your opinion and hope you treat my opinion the same way.
    First let’s talk about the Puerto Rico situation. While yes, what he did while he was IN Puerto Rico was unacceptable, Joe Biden didn’t do anything for Haiti, which is suffering through gang violence increase, lack of government, and is just an overall mess.
    Second, he isn’t necessarily wrong about the channels you listed being fake news. All news is pretty much fake news, if you consider how much channels will dramatize stories, and hype them up way more than necessary.
    Third, when you said that he doesn’t think women and men should hang out, him saying that sexual assault rates being increased by women and men hanging out together isn’t a lie. And that isn’t justifying sexual assault either. It’s just a tad bit ignorant.
    Fourth, he isn’t anti-science because he doesn’t believe in certain things. That’s like saying: “Oh you’re against abortion? You’re anti-science.” or “You’re against climate change? You’re against the world.” “You believe in aliens? You’re going to betray humankind!”. See how that sounds? It could be your religious views that cause you to think that way.
    My fifth and final point, is that all of your claims are written as opinions. Nothing is written as is its researched. I appreciate you posting this blog though, because it’s helping me write my own little project! Thanks so much for reading, and God bless!

    1. 1st PR is part of the US Haiti is not.
      2nd fake news if it is unflattering news to him.
      3rd a tad bit ignorant?
      4th religious views <- cause of most wars
      5th my opinion , wake and smell the stench.

    1. I believe in free speech Bob so I will approve your comment even though it uses a term I wouldn’t prefer having on my site. Can you tell me which of these you found wrong that I could’ve better educated myself on?

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