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Wine Review UFO Edition

A glass of Rosé wine, Shkodra lake in the background

Part of the coolest short story contest by WineTourismSpain.

Oh, the joys of being human! It’s our last transmission from here, and I can’t wait to share this. As you know, we’ve been staying in a space called Malaga, in Spain, on Earth.

I’ve mentioned the blue spaces we see from home, oceans. Simply salt water, that in a complex way provides immense happiness for humans, especially when the hot star in the sky is showing off and it’s warm. Warmth, the feeling I mentioned in previous transmissions, feels like a hug from your loved ones, and it’s provided year-round here in Malaga. What I’ve failed to mention is how warmth helps some grape varieties turn into liquid gold.

Don’t stare at me in disbelief from across the universe, hear me out. Besides moving their limbs to get where they need to (they call it “walking”); moving their bodies for the pure joy of it (they call it “exercise”); using electronic devices to capture eternity (they call it “photos”); they pour themselves this wonderful liquid- wine, they call it. It’s red, or white, sometimes even pink, and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

If you’ll only remember one thing about humanity, let it be this. How in this sunny country, generations have dedicated their lives to these grapes that make this celestial wine. How people from across the planet travel thousands of miles just to get a taste. Magic that brings people who know, together.

I’ll refer to earlier transmissions to explain what this knowledge that brings thousands of magical liquid lovers together consists of.

They know that first sip of a fine wine is the sight of a blooming plant, it’s the smell of sunscreen on the beach on the first day of summer, reminding you of bonfires and bittersweet crushes and countless seashells. It’s the perfect composition of words, vibrations and instruments in your favorite song, almost convincing you it was made with you in mind. It’s feeling safe, home, and yet outside, breathing fresh air, greeted by rays of sunshine through a dense forest, at the same time.

Wine is the liquid equivalent of love, fellow extraterrestrials. Sharing a sip with someone is consciously choosing to let your guard down, letting go of preconceived ideas of how things should be, or how others perceive you, and other limitations humans have that I’ve previously mentioned. History, laughs, the sunshine that year, in your taste buds, in one single sip. Oh, the joys of being human!

I hope these transmissions have been helpful in getting to know humans and their intricacies, and I already know what you’re going to ask. Don’t worry, I’ve already packed plenty.

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