I’ll keep it short and sweet. Today is a blessed day. Last night, at 00:00 PM the fireworks started blasting off and shook my world. They were rocking the entire neighborhood with how strong they were, or maybe I just wasn’t expecting them to go off that’s why they caught me so off guard.

Like you did.

Here, at 00:00 PM, people blast fireworks as a “happy birthday” wish to their loved ones. Nothing says I’m happy you were born like some colorful fire in the sky.

God, I’m happy you were born.

I think of you, a smile pops up. You remind me of the word life, maybe because to me, you represent all that’s good in this life.

You knew you had to have me in your life the first time you saw me, and I felt the same, I had to get to know you.
I felt very drawn to you, and for good reason.

As we started to get to know each other, I was surprised at how much we had in common, how many values we shared, our similar views on so many topics and not long after I met you, how attached I’d become to you. I just…loved you. There was no denying it.

Where had you been all my life?!

Years have passed since that time I “scared” you as you were going to French class, and I feel as strongly as ever that you’re a blessing. A real-life angel.

You’re undiluted soul, energy, goodness, truth, love. In its simplest, purest form.

I’m ecstatic you’re alive.
Happy birthday. I love you.

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