Priscilla Du Preez

Throughout my life, I’ve been blessed with amazing conversations. It’s sort of a constant happening that I’m no longer surprised by, always humbled from.

Good experiences, bad experiences, neutral ones. It was all talked thoroughly with my closest people who always had the most heartfelt, valuable insights to share.

This day, I had another great conversation that lasted for hours. I felt overwhelmed by the generosity of the other people present: how they share their thoughts, time, heart, laughs, cries, heartbreaks, and victories.

Whereas my background in psychology will never be enough to give a satisfying answer to why some clinically sane people lack empathy, effective communication skills, and compassion towards others, I’m at least happy to report I’m often amazed by the opposite phenomena as well.

Warm, caring, sincere people who you can talk to nonstop and only feel more alive with each passing moment. The ones who make it all worth it.

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