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Other People’s Generosity & The Power of a Good Conversation

Priscilla Du Preez Heartfelt Conversations

Throughout my life, I’ve had some amazing heartfelt conversations. They’ve become so common that I’m no longer surprised. Always humbled by them, though.

I talked about good, bad, neutral experiences with a close friend who always has the most heartfelt and valuable insights to share.

Today, I had another great conversation that lasted for hours. I felt overwhelmed by other people’s generosity, by how they share their thoughts, time, heart, laughs, cries, heartbreaks, and victories.

While my psychology background will never suffice to give a satisfying answer as to why some sane people lack communication skills, empathy, and compassion, I’m pleased to report that I’m often amazed by the opposite phenomena as well.

Warm, caring, sincere people who you could talk nonstop to and only feel more alive each passing moment. The ones who make it all worth it.

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