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The Only Thing More Powerful Than a Self Confident Woman

becca tapert woman women misogyny

A long time ago, in far far away land, there was a princess. The princess tried to distance herself from other princesses. She did so because society brought girls down, thus she equated womanhood with being unworthy or not as worthy as her male counterparts.

Princess dilemmas

She quickly learned everything that was deemed girly wasn’t as worthy. A woman could be congratulated and frowned upon for the same thing, on the same day! What’s a princess to do?!

The princess didn’t live in a castle without wifi or a library nearby. She soon learned about internalized misogyny.

I’m the self-taught princess, who now loves my fellow princesses!

This week I hung out with a few of them.

V, who has such a stressful job, but makes it work like a boss. She’s so strong, and I’m proud of her!

N, who quit smoking 3 weeks ago! This is the longest she’s gone since she started years ago, and I’m so proud of her.

S, this kick-ass, gorgeous, funny as hell princess I’ve been friends with for years now. She’s finally realizing her worth and acknowledging she deserves ONLY the absolute fucking best. I love her, and I’m so proud of her!

Bureaucratic shit can really get to people, A, especially when it affects education. Combine that with inexplicably, unnecessarily mean and rude people, and being miles away from friends and family? Despite it all, she’s handling it so well and I’m so proud of her.

G, the first Albanian vegan I’ve ever met, is doing her best to save animals and spread the word for a more compassionate lifestyle. I’m so proud of her! Also, the night I met her, I’m 80% sure my cat had peed in my shirt, and she said nothing about it, I mean…



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