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Drake’s Redemption track was in one of my favorite albums Views, but for some reason, I only listened to it for the first time a few days ago on a random playlist, now I’m obsessed.

Redemption, I like that word.

My grandma turned 75 today.

♪ Oh please give me time, cuz I’m searching ♪

She doesn’t like flowers or Raffaello-s.

She likes seeing me drive and telling cute waiters that they’re cute.

She’s had a rough life, but managed to stay warm, loving, kind, despite the odds.

The women in my family are so unbelievably strong, and they’ve managed to keep their struggles to themselves, for years, even decades.

♪ Just ignore all the skeletons in my closet ♪

Preferably, I want each of these articles to contain some kind of lesson, previously learned, or recently learned, or reminded of. Here goes today’s lesson: toxic masculinity and heavy-set gender roles can ruin relationships, families, lives.

♪ I’d rather listen to someone else, I gave your nickname to someone else ♪

Just because you can make something work, and work well at that, doesn’t mean you should.

Being with someone should feel effortless. Something that makes your life better, simpler, happier.

♪ Who’s gonna save me when I need saving? ♪

Women aren’t rehabilitation centers.

Women deserve better, more, the world.

♪ This year for Christmas I just want apologies ♪

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