(Don’t) Push It to the Limit

A penny for your thoughts

Sometimes, I think my dad is allergic to self-care.

A team of 12 doctors can tell him (and have) that he needs to rest, and he still can’t get himself to just relax, rest, replenish. Band-aid solutions till the next time he burns out, hypnotized by that feeling of accomplishment and the adrenaline rush of more.

Always more.

Years ago, I saw a photo of a neon sign, the outline of a heart shape, inscribed the words Never Enough. Never Enough. It stuck me with me.

It’s up for interpretation, but I never considered it as not being enough or not feeling enough. Instead, that hazy, joyous, delightful hunger for life.

Never enough. Using music and writing and art in all its forms, to emphasize whatever feeling I’m feeling. Productive, sad, in love, restless, frustrated, too much… Whatever it is.

Pushing it to the limit only means making room for overcoming those limitations, creating new rules, making better mistakes.


Food for thought

Anything that acts as a facilitator in you seeing your worth more clearly, do that.

Manage everything in your power to increase your value, as often as possible, as ruthlessly as needed.

Form no attachment to your present version.

Allow and welcome upgrades regarding who you are, what you do, and who you surround yourself with.

‘Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.’
cindy del valle - sunset photo

Sunday – People Who Make It All Worth It


It does feel kinda surreal going to bed after watching the sunrise. Birds singing, empty streets, clear skies. A feeling of warmth, abundance, light. Beginnings are important, but so are endings. Knowing this is how the end starts (dramatic music playing) I rest assured Monday and next week will also start on the right foot. Appreciate the people in the life that put a smile on your face, that inspire and excite you. I also had some quality time with my mum and felt extremely grateful for her and the way she is, the space she occupies in this world and in my own personal little world, the personality traits I’ve stolen from her (mwahaha), and all the love she has to give and deserves to get.

Yellow poster

Saturday – People Who Think Others (Women) Owe Them Things

Feminism, Food for thought

The nerve, the audacity

I’m a firm believer in stating your intentions early on. Being clear on what you expect from your romantic relationships, friendships, and workplace is key in meeting those expectations and getting what you want, whatever that was/is.

Coming (literally) across Andy Leek’s amazing art when I was in Amsterdam, I quickly became obsessed. I’m a sucker for one-liners that speak the truth.

People in silhouette - Papaioannou Kostas

Friday – Condesending People


For a while now, I’ve been blaming insecurities and an unclear sense of self as the root causes for most problematic behaviors. Condescending people are no exception.

condescending: having or showing an attitude of patronizing superiority

Why would someone talk to you like your age is a single-digit number? Granted, some people objectively know more than you in certain areas. However, I’ve noticed those who actually do, are usually humble and simple-minded people, willing to share their knowledge and experience without ever being cocky or patronizing or trying to seem superior.

Condescending people are clueless.

Today Is Not Over – Hers


Everything I want to say about today has already been beautifully said. I will never advocate against going through with a project or an idea because “it’s been done before”, but in this instance, my post would just be a lousy replica of her work word by word.

It’s a simple concept that, as someone who sometimes struggles with black-and-white thinking and procrastination, I find extremely helpful: Today is not over yet.

Birthday of a Blessing


I’ll keep it short and sweet. Today is a blessed day. Last night, at 00:00 PM the fireworks started blasting off and shook my world. They were rocking the entire neighborhood with how strong they were, or maybe I just wasn’t expecting them to go off that’s why they caught me so off guard.

Like you did.

Here, at 00:00 PM, people blast fireworks as a “happy birthday” wish to their loved ones. Nothing says I’m happy you were born like some colorful fire in the sky.

God, I’m happy you were born.

I think of you, a smile pops up. You remind me of the word life, maybe because to me, you represent all that’s good in this life.

You knew you had to have me in your life the first time you saw me, and I felt the same, I had to get to know you.
I felt very drawn to you, and for good reason.

As we started to get to know each other, I was surprised at how much we had in common, how many values we shared, our similar views on so many topics and not long after I met you, how attached I’d become to you. I just…loved you. There was no denying it.

Where had you been all my life?!

Years have passed since that time I “scared” you as you were going to French class, and I feel as strongly as ever that you’re a blessing. A real-life angel.

You’re undiluted soul, energy, goodness, truth, love. In its simplest, purest form.

I’m ecstatic you’re alive.
Happy birthday. I love you.

Its June Already: Reflections on the First Half of 2018

Half of the year has passed. Some self-reflection is in order.
470 days of consecutive meditation as of today. I miss my 30-minute sessions, but apparently not enough to make it a priority and actually follow through with it. See, complete honesty at all times.
“If you have more than three priorities, you have none.”
The third week in a row writing every day. Amazing feeling and what I already knew- I should have started earlier. Happy I made this a priority.

Blamed for loving myself too much, so I’ll have to gladly report self-care and self-love is still top notch.