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The Inner Dolphin

Somewhere between your best friend’s blog and your local government’s mental health platform, The Inner Dolphin is a 10-year-old publication covering Albanian culture, careers, psychology, and creativity in an accessible and truthful way.

Delfina Hoxha

The writer

I’m Delfina Hoxha. My name means dolphin in Albanian, I live in Vienna, and I write.

I published my first article in 2015, but only started sharing my work with others 5 years later.

Since then, I’ve published hundreds of articles, reached over 20,000 people in 83 countries, and have had 3 strangers come up to me irl to tell me they love my writing. I still can’t believe this.

Highlighted ideas

How to (not) set goals

You know when you’re on a road trip, and uncomfortable pants, or car sickness, or a burning desire to pee is keeping you from enjoying the conversation and the journey, but you think to yourself, “We’re almost there, I might as well wait”?

What do we do when everything’s fucked?

Sometimes things go terribly wrong. Talking about Albania with a friend quickly turns into an existential dilemma.

Why people care more about Kendall Jenner than the world’s youngest astronaut

Making a case that everyone needs to take Introduction to Psychology and Introduction to Marketing classes.

What you’ve said

This is one of those articles nobody knew to ask for, but we all needed to hear. And best of it we needed to hear not just your perspective and idealism but also the science behind it, the facts. Needless to say, this improved my day and helped me get back to my idealism that the world is a good place. It has been tough to do that lately with the news and TV always blasting the worst. Thanks for doing this for free, just writing, putting in the time, work, and research.

you’ve managed to eloquently yet subtly put into words such a complex matter which obviously shows how good at your job you are lol. loved reading this one

what a skill you have to make valuable information so easy to digest. your story telling is captivating and mindful. a true gift. thank you for sharing with us.

Felt kinda enlightening to read this at this point of my life. As simple as it sounds never thought about it before. Thank you. Really like the way you think/write

I’m going through a breakup after a 3 year relationship and I find your articles really helpful. all the words that are harsh to listen but its what you really need to hear. I love your perspective on things, can’t wait to read more from you

It’s almost 3am, I have a fucking massive headache, an exam at 11am, my anxiety is through the roof and here I am reading all your articles from the first one. And it’s doing wonders for my anxiety.

Let me fangirl a bit on Delfina here and tell you all that she is an amazing writer, her innerdolphin website is my life mantra. I have referenced her in many of my presentations… I find myself wondering on many occasions “how would Delfina phrase this”.

I laughed so hard tears were flowing.

One of my favorite writers. You’re one of my besties in my head. Not gon lie

I wanna kiss your brain

my favorite writer in the whole wide world!!! – my mom

Living abroad away from my high school friends gave me a bittersweet feeling while reading this. The kind of bittersweet that warms you from the inside, the kind that you didn’t know you needed to feel. Thank you for giving me a smile and a tear tonight, Delfina!

pse s’shkruan ndonje gje shqip? – my dad


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Not quite book reviews, more like book devours: books that wouldn’t leave me alone until I talked and wrote and dreamt about them.

Click on any of them for stories on how I incorporated their teachings into my daily life.

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